Casey Wong Elevated to Income Shareholder

  We are very proud to announce that Casey Wong has been elevated to Income Shareholder at Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard.  Casey Wong is an experienced litigator who represents businesses and individuals in complex, high stakes litigation. He practices in Missouri and Illinois, and has trial and appellate experience in a variety of areas of law.  Casey is also a member of the firm’s Recruiting Committee and Diversity Committee, vice-chair of the Appellate Practice Team, and managing editor of Professional Liability publications. Casey also recently attained a position on the Missouri Bar Board of Governors for the City of St. Louis.  

Please join us in congratulating Casey on these achievements!

Richard Juang Elevated to Partner

  We are very proud to announce that Richard Juang has been elevated to Partner at Goldberg Segalla in the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group.  In his practice Richard regularly assists clients with patent, trademark, and copyright matters, as well as all types of intellectual property litigation. Richard also handles Hatch-Watchman litigation, drawing on a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering to translate sophisticated medical and chemical concepts into winning legal strategies.  Richard is also a past-president of MAABA.  

Please join us in congratulating Richard on this accomplishment!

Jessica Courtway honored among St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 Under 30

  We are pleased to announce that Jessica Courtway will be honored among the St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 Under 30 class of 2018
  Courtway is a member of Greensfelder’s Construction industry group, representing clients in a variety of construction matters. She also has held a number of leadership positions in professional and community organizations, including as president of the Missouri Asian-American Bar Association and vice chair of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis’ Young Lawyers Division. She was recently selected among the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law’s class of Diversity Fellows for 2018. She is a 2014 graduate of Washington University School of Law. 
We are very proud of Jessica and congratulate her for this amazing achievement!

Thank you for making our Annual Unity Dinner a great success!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who helped make our Unity Dinner a great success.  A special thanks goes out to all of our sponsors.  We’ll see you next year!  

Judge Draper Receives 2018 Women of Achievement Award for Multicultural Awareness

  We are pleased to announce that the Honorable Judge Draper, a founding member of MAABA, has received the 2018 St. Louis Women of Achievement Award.  
  The St. Louis Women of Achievement Award is the oldest ongoing program in the area whose sole mission is to honor and recognize the volunteer efforts of women.  The honorees selected are women representing diverse cultures, roles, and accomplishments, all of whom have demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the St. Louis area through significant volunteer contributions. Nominees must have a record of achievement and leadership, outside of their professional responsibilities, that have enhanced the quality of life and addressed a pertinent need, problem, or issue.  
We are very proud of Judge Draper, and congratulate her on this momentous achievement!




   The current term of the office of United States Magistrate Judge Nannette A. Baker expires on February 2, 2019. The United States District Court is required to appoint a panel of citizens to consider the reappointment of the magistrate judge to a new eight-year term.

   The duties of the magistrate judge include the following: (1) to conduct preliminary proceedings in criminal cases; (2) to try misdemeanor cases; (3) to conduct various pretrial matters and evidentiary proceedings on delegation from the district judges (4) to try civil cases with the consent of the litigants; and (5) by reference, to handle social security cases and habeas corpus petitions.

   Comments from the Bar and the public on whether the incumbent magistrate judge should be recommended by the panel for the reappointment by the district court should be in writing and sent to:

Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel
c/o U.S. District Court
Attn: Lori Miller Young
111 South Tenth Street
Room 3.300
St. Louis, MO 63102

Comments must be received no later than June 4, 2018.

Rodney W. Sippel
Chief Judge
United States District Court
Eastern District of Missouri

Missouri Asian American Bar Association joins the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association and the South Asian Bar Association of North America in condemning the Revised Executive Order

The Missouri Asian American Bar Association joins the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) and the South Asian Bar Association of North America (SABA) in condemning the revised executive order signed by President Trump stopping refugee admission and continuing a Muslim Ban.

President Trump’s new executive order that includes many of the discriminatory provisions of his earlier order, which also sought to stop refugees from entering the United States and halt immigration from several Muslim-majority countries. These orders, which are based on the misguided idea that certain religious and ethnic populations are more prone to violence, are incompatible with American values, and will not make our communities safer or our nation stronger. Notably, the order, continues to 1) suspend refugee admission for 120 days, 2) reduce and limit the number of refugee admissions, and 3) targets individuals from six Muslim-majority countries, suspending entry of individuals for 90 days, with some exceptions.

“The executive order is a continuation of the same policy that discriminates against and devalues refugees and members of the Muslim community,” said NAPABA President Cyndie Chang. “We must refuse to act out of fear and intolerance. We must not return to the dark chapters of our history where we judged people by the color of their skin, how they prayed, or where their family came from. We must stand up for our values of equity, justice, and opportunity.”

“The President’s Executive Action does nothing more than advance an anti-Muslim agenda espoused during the campaign under the guise of National Security,” said SABA President Vichal Kumar. “A refugee, by definition, is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. The supposed justification for this Executive Action punishes this person for the very same war and persecution that is causing them to leave in the first place.”

The new executive order clarifies it is not applicable to certain individuals, such as valid visa holders whose documents were issued on or before Jan. 27, 2017, lawful permanent residents, and dual-national passport holders. The order will take effect on March 16, 2017.

The executive order continues to require regular reports be published on suspected criminal activity committed by foreign nationals and refugees. When combined with reporting requirements under other immigration related executive orders, these reports will generate greater mistrust and fear of immigrant communities.

Both NAPABA and SABA joined litigation against the executive order enacted on Jan. 27, 2017. Our members have been at the airports assisting families, in the field educating communities about their rights, and in the courts supporting local and national pro bono efforts. Read their original statement here.

MAABA, NAPABA, and SABA join our fellow attorneys, the Asian Pacific American community, and Americans of all backgrounds in reiterating our commitment to diversity and justice. We remain committed to ensuring that all are free from discrimination and racial and religious profiling.

For more information, contact:


Missouri Asian American Community Condemns Xenophobic Ads


Asian Americans from St. Louis to Kansas City Decry Racist Political Attack

Business and Civic Organizations Call for All Such Ads to be Pulled Immediately


Media Contact: Caroline Fan ( or 202-255-9906)

St. Louis & Kansas City – July 24, 2016 – A coalition of Asian American business and civic organizations including the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of St. Louis, OCA St. Louis, the Missouri Asian American Bar Association, South Asian Bar Association of Metro St. Louis and Asian American Bar Association of Kansas City, join together to decry the imagery and rhetoric used in recent negative television political advertisements.

Asian American communities throughout Missouri are appalled and outraged by the blatantly racist political ads being paid for and distributed by the Tea Party Patriots and the State Conservative Reform Action PAC. One of the most disgraceful ads features two shadowy purported Chinese officials speaking Mandarin, discussing how they were able to purchase a Missouri farm due to the support of this candidate. The ad is clearly meant to elicit fear among Missouri voters and depicts Chinese and Asians as “the enemy”. The ad echoes the “Yellow Peril” sentiment from darker times in our nation’s history which led to abhorrent legislation like the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese American internment camps.

An ad paid for by Citizens for Kurt Schaefer for Attorney General irresponsibly attempts to score political points against Josh Hawley by wrongly implying that he supported terrorism as a result of legal work representing certain clients. A major objective of the ad is take advantage of anti-Muslim rhetoric and scare voters into fearing Muslim communities, including those of South Asian and Asian heritage, which puts the lives of families and children in these communities in danger of possible hate crimes.

Groups Call for Racist Political Attack Ads to Cease

This press release is not an endorsement or defense of any candidate for Missouri Attorney General. However, we call upon ALL of the candidates to publicly condemn and stop running these hateful ads. Ads like these which push an “us versus them” mentality are hurtful and harmful. They have no place in political campaigns or anywhere in our society.

Asian Americans have been a significant and valuable part of communities throughout the great State of Missouri for generations.    In its stance for equal rights, the Asian community opposes any efforts to divide Missouri citizens and residents on the basis of race. Our approach highlights both the Asian community and the place it occupies in the broader community. It also positively emphasizes unity over division.

OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates St. Louis chapter President Caroline Fan

  • “I think it’s distasteful and disgraceful for shadowy out of state PACs to influence Missouri politics by throwing Asian Americans under the bus. OCA St. Louis is actively registering Asian American voters so that politicians on both sides understand our voices and votes count.”

Asian American Chamber of Commerce of St. Louis President Al Li

  • “As an alumnus of University of Missouri and citizen of Missouri for the past 40+ years, I am deeply disappointed with the utilization of anti-Chinese and anti-Muslim rhetoric that portrays Asian Americans in a derisive light. It is maddening to see those engaged in the Missouri political process incite Asian prejudice in order to gain votes.  It only serves to move Missouri backwards while we are trying to move the state forward in economic growth and job creation”

Missouri Asian American Bar Association President Richard Juang

  • “Inflammatory and xenophobic ads of this nature are simply unacceptable. Asian-Americans are an integral part of this community and work hard every day to make Missouri and America great. Missouri’s politicians, regardless of party affiliation, must reject this divisive rhetoric.”

Asian American Bar Association of Kansas City President Ronald Nguyen

  • “It is appalling to see ads like this in Missouri in 2016 and that there are those who would further perpetuate hateful misconceptions for personal gain. It is these types of misconceptions that will cause prejudice towards the Asian Pacific American community in Missouri and the United States.

South Asian Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis President Omar Malik

  • “Anti-Chinese, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim political ads should be condemned by all political leaders as immoral and harmful to the Asian and South Asian communities here in Missouri and across the United States.”

For additional comments or more information, please contact Caroline Fan ( or 202-255-9906)



2016 Unity Dinner

We are proud to announce the 2016 Unity Dinner will be hosted at the Mandarain House Banquet Hall, and we will be partnering with the Mound City Bar Associations, the Hispanic Bar Association, Lawyers for Equality, the Women’s Law Association, and SABA to host this event.