Philippine Typhoon Relief Event

Thanks to all those who came to the MAABA Happy Hour at The Mack, and donated to the Philippine relief effort. MAABA raised over $1,000.00!!! We could not have done this without the generous contributions of everyone who attended.

Special thanks to the following people:

Azra Ahmad Jennette Piry
Ellen Baker Chuck Ramsay
Missy Bornman Paul Rechenberg
John Charles James Robinson
Matt Darrouch Adam Rucker
Lilian Doan Davis Dan Sabio
Ross Davis JD Sabio
Brian Flynn Gabriel Sison
Ray Flojo Gilbert Sison
Michael Gunn Thong Tarm
Tara Klucker Brian Tracy
Dave Leipholtz Brent Williams
Priscilla Lim An Ho Williams
Julie Madsen Andy Yee
Maylin Mahoney Alex Yee
Bruce Major Angela Yee,
Keegan Patrick Chris Zittel
Christina Phan Thomas McDonnell
Dana Gray Honorable Diane M. Monahan


Gil Sison, Gabriel Sison, Dan Sabio, JD Sabio

Brent Williams, An Ho, Jim Robinson 11-20-2013

JD Sabio, Dan Sabio, Gil Sison, Gabriel Sison, Ray Flojo 11-20-2013

Ray Flojo addresses gathering 11-20-2013

Gathering 11-20-2013

Johnny Wang & Jim Robinson 11-20-2013