MAABA’s Inaugural Family Pig Roast A Success!

Scores of MAABA members and friends, many with their children, enjoyed MAABA’s inaugural Pig Roast & Family Fest on Saturday, August 4, despite early morning thunderstorms that threatened to cancel the event. Just in time, the rain quit as a robust, blue sky shone over Clayton’s Shaw Park Pavilion as cooks tabled four roast pigs and a roasted goat with delicious side dishes for the enthusiastic family crowd.

MAABA President Johnny S. Wang says, “We offer a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend and help with MAABA’s Inaugural Pig Roast! We hope this will become an annual event for us! Despite early rain, we had great food, great music, and a good turnout. For those who could not attend, you missed a great event that everyone enjoyed!

Approximately 70 people attended, representing the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, the Mound City Bar Association and the Hispanic Bar Association of St. Louis in addition to MAABA. Many guests from the community-at-large attended.  Starting at 11 a.m., MAABA’s inaugural pig roast picnic offered good-time amusements with all-you-can-eat and drink, with kid-friendly activities featuring a bouncy house, games, live folk and roots country music, plus juice, soft drinks, plenty of water and more. MAABA ordered the roast pigs and goat, plus all the side dishes from Super Smokers, Filipino Lechon and Mandarin House, whose cooks staffed the event. The folk and country roots music lilted softly through the Shaw Park Pavilion and the surrounding trees as kids danced and laughed until the picnic ended about 2 p.m.

Alex Lee, a MAABA Past President and attorney at Gonnerman Reinert, said, “This event was outstanding. The pig roast idea is a good one, and having all the meat and food spread out on long tables added to the family style and camaraderie of the experience. It was a relaxing, fun time. The music was great and kids there along with everybody had a fantastic time!”  Lilian Doan, of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, added, “I hope MAABA does this again next year. The networking was really great.”  Johnny Wang concluded, “Hopefully, we will continue to build on this inaugural event and further spread the joy of MAABA throughout our community!