MAABA Hosts MCHC Immigration Expert Stephen Yale-Loehr

February 24, 2011- MAABA hosted Midwest China Hub Commission Project Manager, Douglas Potts, and Immigration Law expert Stephen Yale-Loehr at its February Meeting at Wei Hong Seafood Restaurant which brought out 40 attendees.  Mr. Yale-Loehr is a Professor at Cornell Law School and was in St. Louis in his role as consultant for the Midwest China Hub Commission (the effort to bring a China Cargo Hub to St. Louis Lambert International Airport).  Mr. Yale-Loehr and Mr. Potts provided a brief update on the MCHC efforts and took the opportunity to meet with MAABA members who also specialize in immigration law including Susan Cho and Tony Gao.

Officers and Directors from the Mound City Bar Association, including President Ebony McCain, were also invited to help with the tasting of the menu for the upcoming Eleventh Annual MAABA/Mound City Bar Association Unity Dinner which will take place April 21, 2011 at 6PM.

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